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#382623 - i'v cleaned up the sticky mass i made in a hurry and sat on the sofa, Pete came out first and headed for the shower, Salma followed out of the kitchen a minute later, she looked flushed after that fuck, how was in honey i said, she smiled then said he was a damn good well i'm glad honey and why don't you join him in the shower so you can get clean, alright i'll see you in the bedroom shortly she said, it was nearly an hour before they came out, Salma entered the badroom in a daze, what took you so long honey, she told me after she stepped in the shower Pete was all over her like a rush he embraced and kissed her passionately. we have a good sex life an enjoy role play and fantasy games, and although it's forbidden in our religion we always read erotic stories of wife having sex with other men, it turns us both on, i always had fantasy of my Salma making love to a well hung guy, and the first time i brought it up her respond was are you crazy, no honey

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Umm thats pee people
Seishuu handa
Amazing love it