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#282850 - I thought of going slow and I started to kiss on her inner side of thighs, for which she was slowly twitching and was spreading her legs apart, I kept tickling her with tongue and she was becoming desperate as to when I will start. She said “bro, I know you are a good guy but try to understand my position, I don’t go to a co-education college, nor do I have a boyfriend, I wanted freedom in life, I wanted to have so much fun but I couldn’t, and you know why, how do I or whom to I express my feelings and the feelings which I want to experience, so when and where from am I going to know new things in life?”. Sperm was out, she was quite surprised to see it, flowing, and asked me “what now?” I said “many like to taste it too, but let me tell you, it smells yuck, don’t try to have it, atleast now, when you are actually a beginner”.

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