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#377969 - “Why don’t you help Fate remove his pants and shorts?!?” “Is that all right with you?!?” she asked hopefully. With less than a half mile to go Mike opined, “Okay, babe, we’re almost there, finish him off!” No sooner than the words gotten out of his mouth before Marilyn threw her mouth into overdrive, bringing her now delirious stud boy to a stunning climax! “H-holy fuck!” he moaned as his fat pecker expelled load after load of hot jizz deep into the white cocksucker’s throat. “It’s all yours!!! Marilyn joined her husband on the couch as they watched proudly as their one and only daughter was initiated into big cock sex by the towering black stud! Sensing that she was far from experienced, Fate allowed her to play with his rapidly expanding pecker until she got more used to its massive size! “I-it’s really huge, isn’t it?!?” she asked no one in particular.

Read Throat Chimei-tekina hashagi mawari - Yu-gi-oh Cavalgando Chimei-tekina hashagi mawari

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