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#203995 - The stranger didn’t like to be goaded into a race, but then again, there was a certain sense of fair play here, and the Asians had violated a cardinal rule of road racing, and so, not wanting to be left out of the fun and games ahead, the stranger planted his foot to the floor and gave chase. Those who came only for food, paid their bill and left, leaving only the crowd on the dance floor, and the dancers, and the bar fly’s, and the three barmaids, and the owner all milling about and still having a good time. “Honey, I’m going over to see if your momma needs some help, see ya later darlin” and with that he walked over to join in the six way jam.

Read Gay Rimming Mitsuha HiAce. - Kimi no na wa. Stretch Mitsuha HiAce.

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