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#357562 - Jessica knew now that begging for her life was falling on her brothers deaf ears so she stopped trying and readied herself for the faithful last thrust that would signal the end was near, She didn’t have to wait long as Steven pushed the spit into her first three inches then six then nine, until the point was resting on her cervix, Ok Jessie any last words? Steven asked her, If I asked to be released and allowed to live would you let me? she asked crying, What a kidder you are Jess you know your not going anywhere so do you have something to say, or not? He replied. No Jason it didn't work on me, i’ve never felt like I had to have a spit in me Jessica said trying to assure her older brother that she would never feel that need, If you say so sis but I know that school, my girlfriend said she never felt the need either, we all know what happened to her Jason said and then started to stare out the window at the trees and scenery zipping passed them at sixty miles per ho

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Like if you wanna fuck me
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