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#159582 - I have a large office at the end of this dull leased floor in a office complex that I share with myself and my constantly coming and going assistants. I grabbed both her ankles and began fucking her feet looking at her finger her wet cunt, trying to stay silent, The closer to orgasm she got the faster she would move up and down, I held on n rubbed her feet as I fucked them watching her go at herself, getting hotter and hotter about to burst, still twitching at the idea of this fantasy. it had now been silent for some time, she also watched her feet now and then, then, she said “ Do you like that ? “ and nodded again towards my magazine, now my heart pounding thinking of something to say, and before I could answer, as she swung her foot up again on he way down stretched her foot down and pressed against the head of cock, easy visible thought my trousers, I shook with pleasure , I felt like bursting inside.

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