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#13745 - True I did not see his cock till that moment, that night, only the night before, but I felt it gliding slowly in me so deep in my pussy, I felt it stretching the inner walls of my pussy, it felt much bigger than ten inches in fact, it felt almost twice as big as the last cock which had been in my pussy before this time, but I was taking it with no sweat at all, he kept pushing it in me till I felt his balls resting over my crotch. Billy licked my fully waxed pussy, he rimmed my ass, he used all of his senses, feelings, tongue and fingers to make me orgasm for the second time in between his hands, while his face was buried between my thighs, right into my slutty cunt, yes I called my self a slut as I was his own mother, who was supposed to take control and stop that bullshit, but I did not stop it, neither did I even try to stop it. Billy got up, walked to the kitchen, coming back with a bottle of alcohol and two glasses, smiling and saying “somehow, I feel like having a drink with

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