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#222022 - “Yes, Master!” “Clean my fingers of your female secretions!” Scott placed his fingers into her mouth, and she tasted herself and sucked away her juices. Her wrists were bound behind her back, and her feet were locked into four inch high heels! Jennifer stared at herself in the mirror, proud of the fact that she had shaved her pussy clean, just the way that Master Scott liked it! Jennifer opened her legs and saw the reflection of her naked sex in the mirror, her flat stomach (all those sessions on the treadmill!); her 32B sized breasts! She cataloged all of her female attributes! She was 5' 6” in high heels – the taller the better! While not a true Dungeon, Master Scott had done a pretty good job with what he had. Jennifer continued attending to his flaccid organ, trying to bring it back to hardness! She wanted to have it inside her pussy again, but if he took her bottom, she wouldn't have minded that either! She had eagerly stepped back into her role as slave – and

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