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#218026 - I grab her tight toned little ass with one hand as she lifts her legs around me and I plunge myself into her, her eyes fly open to the pleasurable shock “You feel so good, it’s been too long” she moans and claws at my back as I pound into her heat, I love the sound of sweat slicked bare skin slapping rhytmically against the wall (god when did she get this tight? How did I miss that?) “Tell me baby, tell me how you want to be fucked?” I take long slow thrusts into my wife’s soaking cunt getting deeper into her with each thrust “You want it hard baby” she shakes her head “no you tell me what you want me to do to you this is your present and I’ll be getting mine in a minute” she’s never asked me what I wanted her to do to me before and I damb well like it! I ease myself out of her and she just smiles and drops to her knees and grabs the base of my cock in her hand and lowers her mouth down my shaft she takes all of my 9” easily and I stand there shocked but oh my god she is so g

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