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#285897 - I came and gave her a belly full of cum she managed to come as well but not hard . We moved into the middle of the bed she kneeled over me and took my cock into her mouth I pulled her round so her legs were either side of my head I pulled her down so I could reach her pussy parted the lips and pushed my tongue into her and started to lick her as fast as I could she was sucking up and down on my cock I was loving it my tongue was inside her and I could taste the musty tangy taste off her we both came again I would of liked to keep going she said no you have to go home early to be safe and nobody to find out about us, I had a bath to get rid of the smell of sex dressed and went home . She was very tall and plump well rounded but not fat very big tits large aureoles small sunk in nipples but soon popped out as I played with them ,she lay on the bed beside me and we started kissing I ran my tongue over and in her ear down her neck then up her arms put a hand under her tit and lifted it I

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