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#360901 - The two men stood in the middle of the room with their heads hung low, not daring to look at their mistresses until they were spoken to! Both mother and daughter were lolling on the sofa naked, with their legs spread wide and their vaginas flared open in a wet invitation for oral sex! Don't they look just precious, Priscilla said to her daughter, while eyeing her husband and son in law, I especially think Tommy looks so sweet in his new bra and panty out fit!!! Me too, her daughter gushed, they both have such large erections, and they look so uncomfortable, I'll bet they wish they could put them into our pussies right now!!! Mmmmm, I'm sure, Priscilla replied, but we have other plans for those erections don't we!?! That's right, Amanda replied while laughing, you two little pussies will soon be putting on a show for our best girl friends!!! A look of horror came over Tommy's face as he realized the ramifications of what his new bride had jus

Read Long Nikuyokujuu no Choukyou Tent | 驯养肉欲兽的帐篷 Ch. 1-2 Huge Tits Nikuyokujuu no Choukyou Tent | 驯养肉欲兽的帐篷 Ch. 1-2

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