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#133022 - When we got downstairs I saw that her parents were dressed pretty smartly, her mum smiled at me and said” Hi Joanne, you are pretty flushed and sparkly eyed today, what have you been up to”? I thought it best not to say I had been naked with her daughter and instead replied,” I think I caught some sun today, at the park”. She took my hand and guided me to the on suite; to be honest I was walking on air and probably would not have found the way on my own, once inside she smiled and asked if I was going to shower with my clothes on, she was naked in a flash, she looked fantastic, she had bigger ones than me, but not as big as Jasmine’s her skin was so pale and her nipples were so pink, and pointing out, but it was her pubic hair that made me gasp, so red and wispy, that it looked like she had a flame between her legs, which I guess she pretty much did! She turned the water on, so I quickly scooted out of my own clothes and she took my hand again and led me into the cubicle. Then her

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