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#176631 - I shut down the phone again, well that night I was going sleep for e one or two hours so later I can go and have a dinner with my girl friend, so I went to sleep, phone rings again hmmmm I thought this is going to make me call the Police, I picked up the phone, and then she said you know I am a girl and you know that many girls believe in different things, she said that a very old woman told her to just dial any number on the phone and the first man that answers you have to have sex with him. as she was touching my leg she started to touch me cock she could see that is was turned on and I was burning in my heart for her, she said I am willing to touch you sckin, she put the other hand on my shoulder and tied it very much, I could almost see the steam coming out of her. so we went in HOTEL I told her that can not do anything but I have jut come to talk to her, but my heart started to tell me man go for it she is so sexy , she was dressed so provocative I could see her tits I could

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Katia grineal
Such a hot wife
Saber alter
And i m lucky to have him
Thank you soooo much
I really wanna fuck her
Ringo tsukimiya
Very good