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#44572 - I say to him, Tommy, are going to fuck me again? He immediately replies, I sure am! Tommy starts off slow, but is soon violently thrusting his cock into me faster and faster making my tits flop wildly around on my chest! Oh my God! Oh my God! Fucking Jesus Christ! Holy Christ! The next evening while my Tommy and I are having dinner, he asks me, Mom, I know you said that we should never talk about what happened yesterday, but is there anyway you would change your mind? I reply to him, Well, I thought about it before I went to sleep last night and decided that fucking once a day would be okay, but no more than that!. My Son is the Man of the House by Mrs Walker When son Tommy gets home each night while my husband is out of town on business, our usual routine is pretty much the same. His first try gets about four or five inches inside me, then he backs it out and rams it back in again.

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