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#22404 - With her other hand she took out my cock to slowly begin sliding her warm hand up and down my shaft, l stop sucking her nipple and told her that l really like the special kiss she gave me the previous night, Silvia promised if l went to bed on time l would get another one then put her nipple back into my mouth telling me to be a good boy and drink up because she didn’t want me hungry later. Silvia returned pleased with what she had brought and called me into the caravan took down my bikini bottoms and fitted a cock cage with a little padlock declaring she had been to an Ann Sommers shop and l would find out later what else she had brought. I fell forward onto the bed she kissed my bum and we lay together, she wanted me to feed and placed a nipple into my mouth.

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Nene sakura
Damn that was hot i can only imagine how embarrassing it would be to be made to do this he got so desperate near the end he stopped waiting for you to tell him to fuck it