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#144284 - A small hole in the end of the box was all that was needed to have the hidden lens to cover about 80% of the area in the whole room. TJ smirked and commented on Jan's expert technique at giving head and asked Ed if the little bitch was as good as she looked?!? With the tone of voice TJ had just used, both Ed and Jan came to the sudden realization that they were now under the thumb of their office mate! All TJ had to do was ask them both if either of them wanted their spouses to get a copy or how about their church pastors? TJ laughed and said, Now that would give the good Padre something to preach about in next Sunday's sermon! Jan cheeks turned a bright red as the screen flickered with the image of her taking Ed from the back and screaming in orgasmic ecstasy! At this point TJ looked at Jan and told her to take off all her clothes--right now!! You too boss, he told Ed. Jan was still sucking on Ed's prick, but stopped when the newcomer entered the room.

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