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#245340 - DING DING DING DING!!!!! Damn it somebody’s ringing the friggen doorbell at 3am, I go downstairs and see a shadow at the door and I hear giggling out side the door as well. All of a sudden she stops and moves down my chest and just looks at me as she scoots further down and I feel her ass as it hits my hard cock and she stops again just staring at me and then she leans down and kisses me gently at first and then with lots more passion as our tongues play with each other she raises her ass up and my cock slips down and right when its in the right spot she pushes back and I’m am balls deep in my step daughter, the feeling is indescribable the heat and tightness is perfect, she starts to move up and then slams back down , I cant believe this I’m fucking my stepdaughter and she is the best fuck I’ve ever had.

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Mirajane strauss
Holy hell that pussy is sooo wet
Shingo tsukino
Love it when i squirt