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#185094 - You see Mikes gaze flick to your hand and back to your face as you talk about something that happened. Unable to control yourself now you feel your pussy start to squirt its juices all over Mike’s balls and Sarah’s hand, you scream with the intense pleasure as you collapse on top of Mike begging them both to stop, with a sudden move Sarah pulls her finger out of your abused arsehole and Mike rolls you over onto your back pulling out as he does so, all 3 of you collapse on to the living room floor, panting you look at them both as they grin at you. ‘What is it you ask’ Sarah blushes again and tells you what your brother in law said, ‘he called me a kinky slut and said that’s a really dirty fantasy I had’ Sarah then goes on to tell you that the thought of you both together turned him on so much he fucked her for hours, something she again admits he hasn’t done for ages.

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