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#227846 - I asked her want to have some fun? Sure what you want to do? I said you said you do whatever I say! So I want you to get up and throw this bottle away and when you sit down open your legs a lot and lift your dress up some and that guy over there will be watching you. I was watching her face and the enjoyment and excitement of this dirty deed being done to her and the pleasure of fucking a stranger and me watching. Well first you here with anyone? He said just my buddies but we all kind of split up after we get to clubs and go on our own ways till its time to leave I said k then I got another question for you it Might sound a little weird but it’s a fact and the best deal you will ever have in your life!! If you want it to be? He said what? I told him I am here with my girlfriend and she said she is my slave and will do anything I tell her! But I want her to have a lot of fun! So Here is what I am offering! You see her over there the cute one in the white dress? He said yes I sa

Read Peludo Mezase! Rakuen Keikaku Vol. 2 - To love-ru Throatfuck Mezase! Rakuen Keikaku Vol. 2

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Kurenai yuhi
Where can i join in on this lol love to fuck some ladies blind
Keitaro urashima
Nena trinity
I can tell from her face she is a hong kong bitch