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#299316 - Knowing that is was unlikely that her husband, her brother, would enjoy a long life, Ahktar had teased her son with her body and lips since Ramun had reached puberty, laughingly pushing him away and telling him he must wait, but allowing him to touch her and kiss her in a fashion guaranteed to increase his desire for his mother, and bind him to her. She realised for the first time that his finger was thrust up her anus while his other hand gripped her breast, at the same time hurting and delighting her, and his mouth sucked at hers hungrily while his semen still pumped into her. Her brother had been a weak, sickly individual, himself the result of generations of inbreeding, and it had been obvious that he would not live into old, or even late middle, age - it had been rumoured that his wife's voracious sexual appetite had hastened his end.

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Kei kusanagi
I wanna cream that sweet little hole
Makoto niijima
Very sexy