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#338097 - Stacy felt her sons cock pressed to her, as he rubbed her now very sensitive and enlarged clit she knew she would cum in seconds, she felt a realese cumming and she pulled her son tighter against her crushing her heavy breasts against him, forcing her clit harder and harder against his dick. Mom Im so sorry im so ashamed, its just that i cant help it, i get this feeling, all the time, and seeing you like that I just couldnt stop myself Brian its ok , I know about boys and I know that sometimes these things happen, but I'm your mom hun, you shouldnt have those feelings for me Brian knew it was now or never and he suddenly let it all out, all his worries about masturbating, how much he seemed to do it and how most of his fantasys involved his own mom. She felt very funny, as he spoke she found herself getting wetter and wetter, the thought of her son jerking off, that he jerked into her panties, that just now he had been sniffing her cunt as he beat off was making her very

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