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#352666 - I open my eyes trying to remember what happend to me as I try lift up I feel pain in my legs arms every wear mainly my breast,vagina and face I look at the clock 1:48pm I'm sure I woke up at 8:30am this can not be right as I get up there is a pool of blood and some kined of white stuff on my bed and now it all comes back to me my dad raped me after I woke up he come in my room and raped me tears r now rolling down my face,my bedroom door slowly starts to open so I curl up into a tight ball Maby this will help sweetheart r you okay baby girl please wake up it's my dads voice after every think he's done today and he comes in like that what a asshole NO I AM NOT OKAY YOU JUST RAPED ME YOU YOU BASTARD HOW DARE YOU I HATE YOU honey I'm sorry I did not mean to do that I am so sorry please don't leave normaly I would say Its ok daddy if he cursed at me by mistake or stepped on my toe but he raped me and that ain't right IS THIS WHY REBECCA LEFT COS YOU RA

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Nurse joy
Fuck that bruh
Manatsu natsuumi
Damn making me hard the tip of my cock is wet watching that ass get pounded
Mint adenade
Anyone else remember how ugly she is without all the make up i should start an ig with all her old ugly photos xddd