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#134097 - She went in did what she was told sammy seld bye to her bro she went in her mom was dress sammy seld mom I want u to act like a slut when dad come home. Seld to her sammy is a lot mean then that thay went up stair sammy seld who seld u can kiss my bitch she put a lead on them both took them both out to the shed tie them up she seld now u both wil be punish she left the shed went in house sat on sofa seld mom get in here and lick my pussy. Her mom went red when her mom let go of her hubby turn to go in kitchen her hubby slap her ass hard tea was ready thay all sat down she sat down start to eat she reach over side her hand in his pant grab his cock start to wank him she was licking her lips sammy watch her mom move her hand she had smile on her face when it cum to end of 5 min her dad moan sammy seld u ok dad he seld I'm he sled he going for a shower she look down there was a wet spot when he went to shower sammy seld mom that was so hot she seld u did what I ask what do want for a R

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