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#274107 - She was sure there would be more to come and added to that she was given a list of chores to do, which required her to wear a skimpy maids outfit, which may of well been made for a toy doll, she was dreading it nither her mother or farther would be able to keep there hands off of her, and if she did not finish all the chores by the given time this also meant a punishment, now she had no idea what the punishment was but she had on intenchion of finding out, she did not want to think of the things they could think of. , i am wearing the right cloths like you said, her mum nodded, i mean what are you doing sneaking around, avoiding me, how dare you, with that she gave Emma a hard stinging slap to the face so hard she fell to the ground, maybe you do not understand this, you are MY BITCH, that means if i want to fuck you i will, wherever, whenever understand slut, Emma nodded her head with tears falling from her cheeks, her mum pulled her to her feet by her hair, just for that i thin

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