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#169926 - Chapter 1 My life starts out like everyone else good home, good family, good girlfriend this day started out great until something turned my life into a living hell well some of it this is how it started. also I have 2 sisters both younger then me there twins they both have a major crush on me the oldest is alyssa and then there is alexis they both have fire red hair, red eyes, and both body to kill over, both have 32”D and now we have my girl-friend holly she is the high school cheerleader captain and my girl-friend of course the hottest girl in school she has black hair, deep blue eyes, 32”D we have been dating for the last 3 years were both virgins or so I thought) ill add more characters if I get good ratings or if I get bored one day.

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Kasumi chigusa
Hope to see more asian queens
Koga oogami
Yoshirou hamada
My girlfriend did same anyone to make threesome with us