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#326857 - Without further ado I pushed the leaver further forwards, and then without thinking all the way to maximum; immediately my hips were pounded into his face, the noise of the machine rose to loud rhythmic pumps as my balls smashed over and over into his face, out of control my now tender balls smashed into his face, the pounding pain was excruciating that I lost my thoughts and could not turn it back down, I thought I heard laughter from behind me as I buckled over – the machine still beating relentlessly on and on, and my fingers not able to grip the control, the boys fingers tensing in unison with each mechanical pelvic thrust, my balls were being rhythmically crushed, beaten, battered, pulverized as they pounded repeatedly against his face, my dick shrunk with the pain and his held open mouth began to accept my shrunken balls as they crammed with each thrust into the ring; bam, bam. We soon sank into helplessness and exhaustion. My full length plummeted into his tight mouth and I

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