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#329154 - when we were out of ear shot I turned to Amy and said her name she looked to the clerk and said I am so very sorry for the way I treated you Please forgive me, This is where I started to laugh at the look he gives me then he looked at her and said Lady I have never met you before what are you talking about, she looks at me and I pull out my phone and say do you remember this little Stoner Bitch he said oh hell yea then he looked at her and said no way, I told him yes this is her what do you think needless to say he was floor he said how I told him it’s a secret but there is good in every one you just have to bring it out os I said Amy get in the car she said yes Master he looked at me and I said training lots of training I shuck his hand and we left so I asked Amy what would you like to do Pet she looked to me with head down and said I would like to see my mother if I can Master I said you have been on you best behavior so why not I didn’t go to jail for kidnapping yet She looked at me

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