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#30949 - That's the end, Thoughts? Too long? Not enough Porn? Needs better wording? post a comment!. Shh did you hear that I said to Natalie we both laid in silence that's when we heard the screams then our rent was ripped open and big white hands grabbed me and Natalie and carried us into the harsh cold I passed out from the shock and sudden temptress change. 5ft maybe but still same thickness, as my nose was no longer numb from the cold I could mell their musk mainly the sweat and cum from their genitals, then one of them got in front me of me and the other flipped me to face the ceiling I was becoming nauseous from their musk and opened my mouth to vomit and stuck my tongue out when the one holding my shoved his dick straight into my pussy not being a virgin made it so it didn't hurt as bad as having my ass ravaged, but when I stuck out my tongue the one in front saw his chance and shoved his Cock head in as well I was know truly on a spit between these two they both we

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