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#63949 - As it was, we both almost backslid several times! Ever since I briefly introduced Bree to you she had been seriously interested in you but she had respect for our relationship, but that did not mean we did not intently discuss you many, many times! When we both discussed ending our relationship during our final semester - and I know that you wanted the best for me, to realize my dream, even if that meant me going out of state and leaving you - I knew that Bree was a natural for you! I will tell you now, that Bree and I had discussed more than once of both of us taking you to bed! There were even a few times we fantasy role played both of us being your girlfriends and the uproar that would cause on campus! Now you know how close and deep my friendship with Bree was during college! I still love you and always will!” Kate and I discussed how we were both very happy in our marriages and resolved to keep in closer contact in part since we had at lot of commonality - friends in comm

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