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#162323 - She lay beside me and could see how much l had loved the deep throat she had just given me, l remarked that l had never had anyone suck my cock the way she does, Molly said she will have a word with her daughter for not knowing how to give a good head, l joked l wont be around for that conversation. Molly rolled off of my tongue to lay on her back with her legs spread she reached out and gently pulled me on top of her, l knew just what she wanted and l was going to make sure my mother-in-law Molly got every inch inside her along with a torrent of my hot liquid load that was going to flood her waiting womb where my wife started her life. I had dressed pretty casual compared to Molly and Jodi as they looked more like 2 woman going out on the pull, Molly wore a black tight hugging skirt with a split either side that showed a lot of leg, if my wife had been there she would have commented but thankfully she wasn’t because Molly’s top would have given my wife nightmares, it had the lowe

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