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#33984 - Celeste:- No but's mister, i know you, you would never hurt me intentionally but now just remember this, in the end you get to be the hero, you have to finish this, finish of lance, protect the camp and protect yourself Jonah:- But you. A few campers just stared at him in major disbelief, Jonah had just told the whole camp he had killed Celeste, it didn't sit too well with most campers as they soon turned on him with weapons drawn, a few advanced but never once did Jonah draw his weapon to defend himself, he was ready to die, one camper took a little swing at him to make sure Jonah wouldn't defend and was very surprised to see that Jonah didn't even flinch when the blade sliced through the air just infront of him Jonah:- Want to kill me then do it, i want to die, don't you understand, i killed her, she is dead all because of me That got the effect Jonah had desired more campers began swinging there swords, daggers and even a couple of spea

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