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#120219 - he continued rubbing her thighs and her pussy through her jeans as she started to moan through her gag, haha slut enjoying this are we? he then undid her jeans and pulled them off revealing a pair of white bikini panties with polka dots he nearly blew his load in his pants then, she felt his dick poke her ass and started to fight again, he continued to rub her pussy as she continued to moan and grow wet she finally had an orgasm she trembeled in the wave of pleasure. --------------Morgans Rape------------ The day started like any other day until I saw her, Morgan, she was about 5' 6 and long dirt blonde hair and 36b breasts and a nice tight ass. he grabbed her and brought her to the bed, undid her handcuffs and rehandcuffing her to the post he pulled her panties off and brought them up to his nose, he smelled her sweet womanly scent as she looked at him in disgust, he put them into his pocket and got between her legs and started to eat her cunt as she struggled and mo

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