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#116428 - “Dad,” Sam yelled still recording, “she’s got school” Dad looked up at the clock and frowned, “I’ll drive her, or maybe she can just miss a day, it’s time for some family bonding,” I felt his large throbbing dick rub against my pussy, I start to crawl away but he grabs me by the waist and drags me towards him again and then slaps me hard on the arse, I let out a small whimper of pain, “You’re pussy is so cute,” he grinned as he slid a finger in “could do with a save though”. He started going faster, then when I had just licked the tip he came, a bit shot into my mouth, but the majority made it to my face, when he got up, he wiped himself clean on my tits. If his dick wasn’t in my mouth I’d probably have thrown up by now, this wasn’t too bad though, the only thing that hurt about this was him pulling my hair, the main pain I was still focused on was my pussy, red and sore, I could feel the fluids coming out of me.

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