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#61787 - Oh my god it's amazin my 15-year old daughter Amy said as we pulled up and in to the driveway Wait till we get inside i said with a smile knowing what the house was like i handed the spare key i had to Amy as i parked the car and told her to go have a look as i unpacked the car i watched as my beutiful baby girl ran up to the front door unlocked it and swung it open I saw the look of pure glee grow on her face as she scaned the room in front of her. as iwas strocking my cock i could feel the stiring in my balls i jumped up off my bed and ran into my en suite just in time to blow my load all over the shower wall my knees gave way after the third squirt as the strongest orgasm i've had since befor my wife passed away rippled through my body i showered and went to bed i was out cold befor my head hit the pillow. She paused for a bit then looked up at me with a look i can only describe as pure wanting lust i want you to make me feel like that i want to know i need to know h

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Ai yashajin
Such a hot hentai you guys are great
Shioriko shinokawa
Where are y all finding these guys that can fuck like this mmm i d beg for it up my ass constantly
Soga no tojiko
Gracias bebe