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#100428 - That went on for about ten minutes, by then I was feeling comfortable and having a good time. We arrived at the front gate and we said, “Bye” and as I was starting to walk away from them I heard, “See you next week!” As I was walking home, still feeling them, I realized that I liked the fucking they gave me more than the first time, and even although I was not ready to accept it as a done deal, inside me I knew they were going to fuck me again. The other boy was in me and I was fucking me a bit harder, The first boy had a longer cock, maybe as thick as his friend’s but definitely longer maybe and inch and a half longer, at the time I didn’t rationalized it but I knew I liked the longer cock.

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Aoi yume
Got me so wet i want to gag on a big cock right now
Shinichi kudo
She really enjoys it