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#131087 - Next day they took us down to the stable to see the stallion,he was so cute and very black , Hank rubbed his coat and stroked his back , that got him to release his cock from his sheath and boy was it a huge cock for a small ponie , it had a huge bell head , Kurt , smiled , you want that Kim , yes please she begged . Hank kissed her as we arrived , Kurt was busy in the kitchen getting dinner ready , later that night after dinner it was suggested that we get naked and have some fun. Hanks sat on the edge of the bed holding one hell of a cock , Kurt removed Kim's bikini and his trunks , he then got Kim on all fours kneeling in front of Hank , then invited Brutus to tongue Kim from behind , I watched Brutus tongue Kim's ass and cunt then Kurt held Brutus back and started to fuck Kim and told her to suck Hank's cock , Brutus was frantic and wanted to get back to Kim's ass ,it was then I saw Brutus stating to get an erection and wanting to mount Kim.

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