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#200508 - fear struck the girls eye as the black hair woman raised the dagger but instead of moving it high she raised it to her mouth and licked the length of the blade blood washed steadily from the wound on her tounge but not much was wasted before she swept down and kissed the girl in a forced mouth kiss pushing her tounge down herthrought and nearly drowning her with blood she disengaged the kiss and left the girl laying there shocked and coughing then the man assumed position over the girl and kissed her sucking the blood from her mouth he moved down her neck leaving littly bloody splats that soon washed away on a trail to her breast he stopped just before the left one and spit the last of the blood on then reopened pentegram then he dragged his teeth down over her nippled tracing a scratching path to her bare cunt he began to passionatly lap at her beautiful lips as the now naked black haired woman mounted her face and the brunette mimiced the man the black haired g

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Miku kohinata
I would cut off my arms and my legs for a blowjob from her