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#185672 - She rolled of me breathing hard then said can we do this again later ,that’s why your all here all night I said . I said I’m sorry love but take all your clothes off if we are going to do this properly , she got up and went out and joined the other two girls I just lay down on the bed naked and waited. she kissed me and held my cock in her hand even tho my trousers shielded it she said goodbye as I left for home the fertility drugs must have been good as she rang me two months later and said she was expecting twins and would try not to curse me as they were coming out as she gave birth it would be okay if he was at work again seven months later my daughter in law rang at two in the morning you’re the father of twin boys she had them this afternoon thank god he was at work as she called you granddad you bastard for making me pregnant my daughter in law said I knew what she meant after she held both boys she whispered to me tell granddad I love him and we have two lovely sons .

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