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#345198 - On the programme that night were well known works by Debussy and Ravel, and also a jazz inspired piece La Cr?ation Du Monde by Darius Milhaud, who like Eloise, was Jewish. The witch hunt was fanned by the Catholic Church, chiefly I believe to divert attention from the depredations of their own clergy on ordinary people ? it has always struck me as interesting that the early Christians were themselves accused of drinking blood, and the effect of the blood of Christ at the Eucharist on the believer is described in the much the same language as the effect of human blood on a vampire. I once raised this with him over dinner, but his rejoinder was that the true facts about the life of a vampire were too dull to make a best selling story, and even admitted that the character of Dracula was based on his actor friend Henry Irving, rather than a real life vampire.

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