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#335964 - Then Merve said “ Ernie you know what I would like you to do, is to give my cock a suck like I did to you” So I thought how nice it was when Merve sucked me, and the way I felt all nice and strange with Merve`s Big Fat finger up my bum I did what Merve wanted, and as soon as his cock was in my mouth, Merve was telling me how to Suck, I immediately enjoyed the taste of a cock and with Merve telling me what to do, that cock sliding in and out of my mouth and Merve`s big fat finger in my bum was turning me on, as my cock was getting hard again with all the attention he was giving me I was really enjoying myself, then I heard Merve say “That’s it Ernie suck me, oh yes oh yes that it don’t take your mouth off my cock because for the first time in your life you are going to taste some lovely hot spunk”, I did not know what he was saying as I knew nothing, as I found out later I was a virgin. In no time at all I had this wonderful sensation, Merve said “ Did you like that Ernie, if you did

Read Tease Kinniku Otoko PRIDE | 筋肉男 Vol.12 Celeb Kinniku Otoko PRIDE | 筋肉男 Vol.12

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Yuuko shionji
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