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#220465 - After a minute or two of examination Andy offered, Ahhhh, I see what the problem is, there's a small crack in the suction hose right here, see it!?! Donna leaned forward to get a better look at the hose, and in the process her boobs jiggled from side to side, making Andy let loose with an audible groan! Here it is, Andy said softly, that little crack keeps prevents the machine from making suction, which in turn doesn't allow the milk to be pumped from your breasts!!! What am I going to do, Donna said in a half wailing voice, I've gotta get this milk out of my breasts, they're starting to hurt!?! Well, Andy replied, you're going to have to replace that hose, until then you're out of luck, I'm sorry!!! Andy turned around and was about to leave when Donna asked, Do you think you could milk them for me, once at home during a power outage, my husband milked them enough to take the pressure off them!?! Andy was dumb founded at the request, b

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