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#246531 - I was driving my family's minivan which Gracy preferred over a regular car as she could lie in the back and she fell asleep as soon as I started driving out the mall's' carpark and decided to head towards the beach as we always enjoy the waves crashing on the shore. I shall not explain how mediocre our first time having sex was to save my embarrassment as we were both virgins xD but its the next best feeling I have ever had(tight, hot and super wet) though I couldn’t say the same for her as I felt disappointed with myself(thinking back we always laugh at it) and she was in excruciating pain for having a dick in her(she didn’t bleed maybe I didn’t have the girth then and only the length and somehow today it seems I got bigger but slightly shorter ~TnT~ ). One day I picked up all my courage and finally revealing to her that I started to have a new had a fetish of looking up her(and only her) skirt/dress whenever she slept.

Read Nude Oba-san dakedo, Daite Hoshii. Amateur Oba-san dakedo, Daite Hoshii.

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Christina shmidt aka melissa mane
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