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#179546 - Master Juan told her to take a shower , & meet him downstairs in the dungeon Chapter 2- In The Dungeon Joanne was hogtied & ballgagged & in the bedroom , when Monique arrived back from school at 4pm , the 50year old mom/slut immediately took off all her clothes & put on her thigh-high hooker boots & was collared & leashed by her son/master Juan who led her downstairs to the sex dungeon. The 54 part-time realtor was Juan's full-time sex-slave, still married to her cuckold hubby Philip Juan would keep her for days on end for his sexual use . When we entered Juan took off her ballgag & spit in her face & then had me lick it off the old hag's face.

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Wow so fucking hot
Ranko kanzaki
I dont know but it sure looks like it feels good