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#317808 - Genma returned with the stabilizer and handed it to Soan who then placed the tip of this mini spit into Nabiki's anus pushing it in hard in one fast motion until it was firmly imbedded in her bowels then he attached it to the larger spit while Genma bent her legs at the knees and bound her ankles to the spit, Nabiki Kabob was now ready for the fire as both Soan and Genma chose and end and picked her up placing her onto the fire that had been burning red hot all the while and was now ready to cook her meat, placing the spit in the Y posts at each side they could now sit down and watch the show she would give them while she roasted. Hours later, Akane and Ranma had retreated to their rooms all Akane could do was think about how awful Nabiki must have felt while she was screaming in pain and beging for her life during the spitting process, how beautiful she looked when finally spitted and the obvious pleasure she must have felt as she was riding the spit to orgasm after orgasm,

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