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#402130 - I was getting close and I knew Leo was still there in front of me, if this was what he wanted then he was going to get it. I felt an overwhelming sense of pride swelling up inside me as I spied on Leo staring at my hard dick mesmerized like he was looking into the eyes of god, I shut my eye again when I saw Leo lift his head, I stayed hard while he said nothing at all for what seemed like hours but in reality was only a few seconds, “jack off…” Leo finally said, I hesitated noticeably knowing that this was the line into the danger zone and there would be trouble if anyone came in the room, “hey, jack off” Leo commanded no longer looking for clues that I could be faking it. I risked opening one eye fully and I could see Leo looking down at my dick in awe eyes wide and mouth gaped open like he had never seen another man’s dick as big as mine before.

Read Pija 冬コミ受かりました - Fate grand order Free Fuck 冬コミ受かりました

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