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#16193 - The window to the driver’s door rolled down, and Kris said, “Watch those stop signs now, or you could get a ticket!” With that, the blue and white cop car backed up, turned around, and left him alone to dress and walk back to his car. “See, I told you so,” she said to her partner, “he’s got a very nice one!” “Look at the big head, good enough to eat!” A second later his cock head was in the mouth of a Chicago police officer! “Eat him up Kris,” her partner implored her on, “suck the cum right out of him!” Sam looked into the front seat, and could see that the other cop had opened up the front of her shirt and was kneading her breast through her white cotton bra. ” Now feeling desperate, Sam decided to plead with her, hoping that by throwing himself at her mercy she might let him go with a warning.

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