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#304041 - But my bathroom downstairs only had cold water, so instead I opted for the upstairs bathroom hot water, stripped off my shorts (all I needed to wear in the house) and soaped up and massaged my neck under the shower. She was re-invigorated, it seemed, and facing me she commenced to grind up and down and around on me; this position also put her tits straight in front of my face – who could resist? Not me, as I cradled one in my hand, tweaked the nipple, and then buried my face into its fold, my tongue lapping that nipple before my mouth engulfed it and its surrounds. “Here, let me take care of that” my mother-in-law said, as she leaned forward, keeping one hand on my rear (noticeably closer to my crack I vaguely realized) and grasping my lengthened cock with her right hand, naturally having to encircle my waist, and thus pulling me a step backwards, closer to her.

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