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#145380 - I had something to eat then went back to my room, to wait out the hour I still had to spare, I replied to a couple of texts I had from friends wanting to know what I was up to and if I would be meeting them later that night, I made some excuses, I could not exactly say that I was meeting a guy and would be spending the night with him, 60 minutes is a long time when your excited about meeting someone, I was very restless so decided that I would walk to the bus stop that I had arranged to meet Stevie at it would kill some time, had I stayed in the house any longer my cock would have been out and some boy juice spilt, even as I walked the two miles or so to the bus stop my excitement was showing in the bulge in my trackies, when not hard I was at least semi in anticipation of the night ahead. The little girl had already been bathed and was in her pyjamas, and before the girls left at around 9pm the baby was sleeping and had been put to bed, a baby monitor placed on the table in front

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Koharu hidaka
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Nao tomori
You two are so prettu how can i support you