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#168197 - Her breasts rise and falls with her deep breathing, her eyes looks up at me, filled with pleasure and passion. I laugh at her and shake my head “My dear nobody is interested in an old hermit crab like me” She pouts at me and I just want to lean over and kiss those sexy lips “You’re a year older than me, do you want to tell me I look old?” I make a show of looking her over and then smile “Wow you’re really that old? I could swear you’re ten years younger” Again her sweet laugh lightens my heart and she lean over to squeeze my hand “You are exactly the same as when we chatted you know that?” I smile “I am who I am my dear” We continue to talk and I remember to ask her if she was on her way to work or something and she just reply something, she’s on leave for a week. She run her fingers through my hair and breathes deeply as I keep planting soft kisses all over her ample breasts, making sure not to touch her areolas or nipples.

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