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#360479 - Jerry still pumping away inside her Pant, Pant, and Pant is heard again. What reason would I have to lie to you? she answered his question with another question Something here seems very odd Jessica, well what’s up? he said looking into Jessica scared eye's but no answer came out of her mouth Jessica something smell's fishy around here and it isn’t all the pussy, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? he yelled, Still no answer from Jessica as she just started into his eye's Ok Jessica don't tell me, Ill just ask that meat-girl what’s going on calling over the guards Guard's go to Jessica's room and bring me the slave he ordered them. The stunned girl is picked up and carried back inside to the tank by two guards, New equipment had it installed a few days ago, that electric fence surrounds the whole compound, wait until you see the new wash down system Jerry said as the guards dropped the stunned girl on the floor at his feet.

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